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Caritas Singapore engaged Shared Services for Charities in 2018 to do an independent Review of 3 specific areas:
i. Agape Village Income & Expenditure Review
ii. Charities Week Collection Review
iii. Grant Disbursement & Reporting

We found the review very concise and timely as it enabled us to strengthen our current processes. We applaud the staff who came with experiences and knowledge in their respective field to conduct the review.

Ms. Christine Wong

Executive Director,
Caritas Singapore Community Services

Shared Services For Charities provided consultancy services to The TENG Company in the areas of strengthening governance and internal processes. The entire consultancy process was highly professional. The scope of work was clear, defined, and the timeline was effectively managed and adhered to. The internal processes and operations of The TENG Company would not be as robust as it is today without their assistance and for that, we are truly thankful to have met and engaged them

Lim Kwuan Boon

Head of Admin & Finance,
The TENG Ensemble

My colleagues at Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) and I have had the pleasure of interacting with Shared Services for Charity (SSC) for several years now. We find SSC to be a thoroughly professional organisation with a first-rate quality of service towards its clients. Recently SNM requested SSC for a meeting to discuss a project. SSC responded immediately to the request and followed up with a proposal within a week of the meeting. SNM looks forward to working with SSC on the project in the coming months.

S. Devendran

Chief Executive Officer,
Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)