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Compilation of Annual Report

Charities, as a non-profit institution, established for charitable purposes, receives most of its material and financial support, from generous donors, aligned with its cause. To fully validate their generosity, it is imperative for a charity, to disclose how these donations were used in support of its operations.

As a general principle, charities are required to do this by way of an Annual Report. This Report must be filed with the Commissioner of Charities or Sector Administrator, six months from the end of the Charity’s financial year.

Putting aside compliance requirements, there are, clearly, five reasons, why charities should write a good annual report:

  • It demonstrates your commitment to transparency & accountability
  • It adds value to your public image
  • It informs your stakeholders’
  • It invigorates your fund-raising efforts
  • It is one of the eligibility criteria for the Charity Transparency Award

Applying the following steps, our consultants, equipped with a customised template, will systematically journey with you, in developing a good annual report:

  • Advise on the collation of documents & data
  • Advise on the structure of the report

To put the finishing touches, our designers will layout the content based on Three Standard Templates, for you to choose from. Include your corporate colours and fonts as part of the design. Allow up to two design iterations, before submitting the final Ready-for-Print Artwork in High Res PDF or raw file artwork in Adobe InDesign. There will be no provision for WORD document format, however we shall provide hyperlink PDF file for online distribution.

Project Timeline, anywhere from 14 to 16 weeks

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