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Internship of Daphne Lee

Internship of Daphne Lee

I am grateful for my opportunity to work as a sales and marketing intern at SSC for 14 weeks. My internship was unique because I worked during the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, during Phase 1 and Phase 2. It was an opportunity for me to experience working remotely for the first time. Since I was usually working from home, it encouraged

me to be more independent and take responsibility for my learning experience. Working remotely did not compromise the quality of my internship but gave me a different experience.

Via telecommuting, I worked closely with Maurice, the Business Development Manager, who would patiently guide me through my day’s tasks. Throughout my time in SSC, I participated in six projects, some taking place simultaneously. The nature of the projects varied and required different skillsets, all of which were new to a Sociology major like me. Fortunately, it was soon clear to me that SSC teaches anyone who is willing to learn. I was guided through the different stages for each project, and at the same time offered the space to think and give my input; something I truly appreciated. For each task completed, I gained the knowledge and confidence to adapt quickly and complete them with professional guidance and reassurance.

It was a leap from my Sociology background to attempt sales and marketing, but I enjoyed the learning process. I had multiple opportunities to draft and circulate service offering emails to market SSC’s services to various groups of charities. I also participated in conducting a Programmes and Services survey. From drafting questions to analysing data and providing recommendations in a report, it was something new and challenging. When engaging with creative professionals for other projects, I learnt how they communicated during meetings and discussions. This was an experience I would not get in school.

I was exposed to the charity sector and the importance of governance for charities. I heard first-hand from some charities about the controls and manuals they use for better governance and had a better understanding of how charities function. It was interesting to learn about charities and governance in Singapore as someone interested in working in the social sector.

My internship was truly a learning journey. My thinking was expanded, and my eyes were opened to the charity sector and working in sales and marketing. I am thankful for this unique and meaningful opportunity to be a part of and experience what SSC does.