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Governance & Leadership Workshop 2019


Governance & Leadership Workshop 2019

The 3rd Governance & Leadership Workshop, held on Friday, 19 July 2019 at the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) Multi-Purpose Hall, was to be the 1st of three events, Shared Services for Charities, planned to host in 2019, in conjunction with our 10th anniversary celebrations. After carefully considering several viable themes with CNPL our joint host, “The Stewardship Role of the Board” emerged as the preferred choice. Why? Because the term Stewardship aroused multifarious interpretations which gives rise to unwarranted confusion.

The joint planning team consulted Dr S Vasoo, Associate Professorial Fellow, Department of Social Work & Psychology, National University of Singapore, renowned for his years of work in the social service sector. He readily offered his time and expertise, to expound his views on the topic. We decided to invite Dr Vasoo as our Guest-of-Honour. Dr Vasoo, challenged his listeners, especially Board members, to embrace dynamism and change, predicated on the needs of those on the ground. He skilfully laced his discourse with practical bite-sized humorous anecdotes, leaving his listeners in stitches, during his 20-minute presentation. We invite you to listen to his FULL SPEECH.

To add balance to the conversation, we decided to invite Dr Ernest Kan, Senior Advisor, Centre of Corporate Governance, Deloitte & Touche, as our Keynote Speaker. Dr Kan shared his practical wisdom and knowhow, by constantly drawing references to corporate and non-profit boards and how each remain accountable to those they serve. We invite you to listen to Dr Kan’s FULL SPEECH.

Coming in the wake of our two speakers, was the panel discussion. Helmed by Ms Theresa Goh, Chairman, SATA CommHealth. The panel included, Dr Vasoo, Dr Ernest Kan, Mr Ong Boon Hwee, Chief Executive Officer, Stewardship Asia, and Ms Carrie Tan, Executive Director, Daughters of Tomorrow. Stamping their individual thoughts on the subject, they opened up a fresh portal into the topic, which consequently led to a vigorous and free flowing Q&A session with the audience.

Speaking to several members from the audience after the event, many declared the event a success; rating it from Good to Excellent. They lauded the candid responses coming from the panellists, while valuing the practical examples the two speakers provided.

A Business Networking Lunch, held at the end of the workshop, saw the continuation of the discussion among speakers, panellists and their appreciative audience. Everyone acclaimed the event an overwhelming success.