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Internal Controls Review

As public accountability is of paramount importance in all Charities, the need for an Internal Controls Review as a vital check and balance to an organisation’s operations and governance, cannot be overstressed.

360° Internal Controls Review provides charities, with vital insights, which would highlight risks to be mitigated, help reinforce accountability and safeguard against the erosion of mission-stated goals.

SSC’s Internal Controls Reviews, provide Audit Committees with a focused assessment of activities relating to better governance and organisational excellence. Our teams consist of highly qualified and experienced staff, all of whom are acquainted with the risks and challenges Charities face.

As a charity ourselves, our review goes beyond the traditional transaction based compliance checks. We also customise our methodology to match the specific needs of a charity, regardless of sector.

Examples of our scope:

  • Revenue and receivables
  • Donation management
  • Procurement and payments
  • Cash management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Management of restricted funds
  • Human resource management and payroll processing
  • Financial budgeting and reporting
  • Fund raising
  • Grant management
  • Investment management

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