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Internship of Amber Ng Wen Qi

Internship of Amber Ng Wen Qi

The past few months that I spent at SSC has truly been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Even though I was only on-board for a part-time internship, my time here was never short of an eventful one.

I was given the opportunity to be part of the team for SSC’s Annual Seminar “Building A Sustainable Charity Through Effective Risk Management” where I got to see and experience what it is like to plan for an event; from the very beginning of marketing efforts to reach out to the various Charities, to logistical planning, and to the actual carry-out of plans on the event day itself. No doubt, it was an eye-opening experience for me, seeing how events management carried out here was different from what I have done in school.

My time here at SSC was one with varied exposures. I have gained useful skills and knowledge in using Excel to expedite tracking processes, as well as how to design and release marketing campaigns through SSC’s Electronic Direct Marketing Platform.

The colleagues here at SSC were very friendly and easily approachable. It was not rare to hear laughter in the office every now and then and I always look forward to lunch with them.

Overall, the colleagues and the work I get to be involved in at SSC is what makes this internship a memorable one. It has also provided me with more knowledge on the Non-Profit organisation and Charity landscape of Singapore and I am grateful for this internship opportunity I have been given.