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Internship of Aneka Nair

Internship of Aneka Nair

My past month at Shared Services for Charities (SSC) has been both fruitful and memorable. During my two engagements at SSC, I had my first taste of the different realms of internal audit – internal control reviews and governance reviews. I was given independence in completing my work, and this opportunity to explore such areas on my own definitely helped me learn a lot. Initially, I was not used to engaging with clients directly, however, this internship has made me realise the importance of communication between auditors and clients in understanding the internal processes of the company. Moreover, learning to figure out and craft findings on my own helped me to grow more confidence in my own abilities. As such, these experiences have increasingly spiked my interest to continue learning about the nuances internal audit.

I believe that a big part of my positive experience were the relationships I have formed with my fellow colleagues, as they truly made me feel part of the SSC family. My experience was made even more meaningful through their constant encouragement to ask questions and I appreciate that they never disregarded me for any queries I had. It was a relief knowing that I could approach anyone for help at any time, and they always showed patience in answering my questions. A strong team certainly made the work better and more worthwhile.

I would like to extend my heartiest thank you to everyone at SSC for taking me in with open arms and giving me a wonderful internship experience.