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Internship of Clement Lim

Internship of Clement Lim

It has been enjoyable interning at Shared Services for Charities. I have been actively volunteering with various charitable organisations since secondary school, and was interested to learn more about the internal workings of a charity. True enough, this did not disappoint. This has been an eye-opening experience, as I gained a deeper understanding into the importance of governance and internal reviews.

The staffs at SSC were very friendly and I enjoyed having lunch together with them. I have also learnt a lot from them as they shared their experiences being involved in audits, and the various stories related to their work.

During my time here, I have assisted with the deep dive study into its records over the last 5 years. Through these various tasks, I have learnt much about the various aspects of SSC’s functions and seen how they complement the roles of the various charities.

I have also assisted with developing their Electronic Direct Mailing platform, to assist them in boosting their awareness amongst local charities, and also at the same time sell its services.

This has not only been a memorable but also educational experience, which has broadened my horizons and gave me deeper insights into the social service scene in Singapore. I will definitely love to come back to intern with SSC again in the future.