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Internship of Evelin Siauw

Internship of Evelin Siauw

Interning at Shared Services for Charities for the past 11 weeks as their graphic designer was an educational and delightful journey. Throughout the internship I was accompanied by my intern friend, Roshni and together, we were both well-guided every step of the way by our supervising manager of Shared Services for Charities.

I have learnt so much, from the importance of punctuality, working under a given short period of time, understanding other people’s perspective, to the significant lessons of all is to put customer’s satisfaction first. This required me to creatively think and get outside the box of my comfort zone which at first was challenging, but eventually realizing that it is one of the steps of learning something new and at the end I managed to learn a whole new design approach and create satisfying outcome to both the company and myself.

Working environment plays a huge role in working productively. For me the environment was very friendly, communicating was easy for me since the colleagues were very easy-going and friendly. I felt comfortable to ask around for help if I needed a hand or questions to be answered.

I want to thank the whole team of Shared Services for Charities for being so welcoming and patient to us interns, and also making my first experience of interning a memorable and enjoyable one. Special thanks to Roshni for being a very helpful intern friend, and our mentor, who have been so well at conducting and clarifying every task we did since the very start.