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Internship of Jasmine Tay

Internship of Jasmine Tay

I spent 6 memorable weeks during my internship at Shared Services for Charities (SSC). Through this 6 weeks, I was given the opportunity to learn and uncover for myself, the intricacies of internal audit. I contributed in two internal audit projects which allowed me to gain different insights into the different charity sectors and it furthered my understanding of internal audit controls. It was an eye-opening experience for me to be able to see and better understand how internal controls were carried out at the organisation’s level, which was unlike what I have learnt in school.

Other than helping in the audit team, I have also helped in SSC’s outreach efforts. I had helped to transform SSC’s various and scattered existing donors’ data into a consolidated donors’ list with relevant contact information. The consolidation of data would greatly benefit and improve SSC’s future outreach processes. I am glad that my contributions were able to make an improvement in SSC’s current operations!

The colleagues at SSC has been very friendly and welcoming. They have welcomed me into their little family for the past 6 weeks and I always looked forward to having lunch together with them. They were always available whenever I needed help or further clarifications. The colleagues were also always willing to share their own personal experiences and advice with me which I am deeply grateful for.

In conclusion, my internship journey at SSC was extremely rewarding as I gained valuable insights in internal audit and further knowledge on the Charities sector in Singapore. I am thankful to have the opportunity to intern at SSC.