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Internship of Lim Hui Jia

Internship of Lim Hui Jia

I have truly enjoyed myself during the stint of ten weeks here at SSC. Since the first day of internship, the colleagues were very welcoming and as such, I was never afraid to ask questions. During this short period of time, I have learned a great deal of internal audit. I had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork for six clients and the privilege to be given the ownership of a whole process for internal control review. Besides internal control reviews, I have also conducted governance reviews. It was encouraging to know that my work was well appreciated and to receive positive reviews.

With the vast exposure, not only have I learned about internal audit, I have gained knowledge of the operations of charities. I was pleasantly surprised to see the extent of establishment of the back-end of certain charities. Besides technical knowledge, the constant interaction with clients, engagement teammates, and volunteers have honed my soft skills. It was definitely interesting to listen to the different experiences which are valuable to me to learn more about this career.

At SSC, I did not feel any restrictions. I could raise any issues to anyone at any time. The managers consistently showed their concerns and ensured that my expectations of this internship were met. In fact, the actual learning far exceeded my expectations.

I am thankful to be granted this internship opportunity and it has been a pleasant ten weeks journey.