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Internship of Nurul Hidayah

Internship of Nurul Hidayah

My first internship experience was with Shared Services for Charities for over 15 weeks. Especially due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I was blessed with this offer to expand my knowledge given the circumstances. The weeks which I interned in SSC were an eye-opening experience as a young individual learning to get a taste of the working world. The skills I picked up not only helped me understand this journey as a student, but to practice accountability and discipline as an individual.

The projects that were handed to me included revamping the SSC website, designing collaterals, organising the Annual Seminar 2020, etc. Accomplishing multiple assignments with tight deadlines was pressuring but working alongside with my Supervisor, the encouragement and wisdom that were brought to me lengthened my mind to take the opportunities as a chance to grow. As a Graphic Design student, I was trained to express my work with creativity from within. Coming to SSC, I was skeptical about whether I could give good and useful contributions to the company since the art direction is more focused. I learned to use my imagination, critical thinking during the pre-production period and create an artwork that is both authentic and informational.

A big lesson for me during this internship is gaining confidence through communicating with the staff. I was surrounded with passionate, driven, and friendly colleagues and I appreciated the advice or even just the casual conversations we shared during my time there. The professional environment kept me focused and I left the office feeling productive every day.

This internship was an adventure of a lifetime which, within the span of 4 months, has taught me so many lessons I would not have learned if I did not get this opportunity. I would like to thank my Supervisor, for guiding me through the projects and giving great advice that I value and will remember forever. Not forgetting my colleagues, thank you and I am blessed to have my first internship experience with such an encouraging and a warm-hearted team.