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Internship of Nurzafirah Norjan

Internship of Nurzafirah Norjan

The past 16 weeks in Shared Services for Charities has definitely been challenging but amazing. Having worked alongside the Industry supervisor, Maurice and having another intern of another profession, Erika, as a team was also different from other (graphic designers) and it was a good experience. We have our morning prayer sessions during peak season which was closer to the events I was responsible for designing and voice out issues and think of outcomes.

As a graphic designer, this is the first time I have interned in a company and I only have experience in school as well as little projects for family and friends. I had anticipated to not be so good at my job as I am inexperienced. I was worried that my style of work would not fit in to what SSC has. To my surprise, SSC has allowed me to do what I want to do. I was always given a gist of an idea for the upcoming project and was requested to put my own feel on it, which made me very comfortable in doing the projects.

SSC has given me the opportunity to design for its 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner and there was a lot of pressure and challenges, but I am glad that I was able to pull through. I was worried that I would be the only graphic designer and I would not be able to learn much but I actually met many people through this internship, working with photographers, videographers and many others related to my profession. From this internship, I have picked up some things that I would definitely use in the future. For example, I actually disciplined myself to have a system. There are times situated in requiring many variants of a design concept but it’s better to work out a few and pick one out and work things out from there on. This way, I am able to see which direction is best for the design and which relates to the theme better and save more time.

I am thankful for this fresh experience and towards all my colleagues who made working comfortable and friendly place to work at. My one and only, first intern impression will stay forever with me in my heart.