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Internship of Roshni Choraria

Internship of Roshni Choraria

My motive to intern as a graphic designer was to gain experience, knowledge and contribute to the company in return. Shared Services for Charities has helped me accomplish that and beyond. In these 10 weeks, my contribution was concentrated on the marketing and designing areas of the charity. From designing the annual report and brand collaterals to organizing events and videography, SSC has given me an all rounded experience and growth.

This internship Programme has helped me understand the functioning of a company and application of my skills in the real world backed by the challenges and constraints of a non- profit organization. SSC encouraged me to explore and experiment my concepts for a creative outcome.

The working environment in SSC is very comforting and professional. The colleagues at SSC have been encouraging and friendly. They were a great helping hand throughout the journey. Even though I was working at SSC for only 10 weeks, it did not take much time to adjust in such a welcoming environment.

Working with my mentor here in SCC, was very learning and eventful where I was always supported by right guidance and values. Being an intern, this created a learning environment which has improved my skills and enhanced my growth significantly. My teammate Evelin and I had a great experience working together.

To conclude, this internship programme at SSC is a very professional and satisfying experience. I would like to thank the whole team of SSC for having me and I hope I have added value to SSC’s Graphic Communication. I am grateful to have the opportunity to intern at SSC which opened the gates for me to professionalism.