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Message From The Board


Staying True To Our Core Values of Good Governance & Organisational Excellence, Shared Services for Charities (SSC) closed 2018 on a high note. We completed our tenth year having served more than 160 client-charities and undertook over 900 projects covering a wide range of service lines. We also re-examined our purpose and modus operandi with the objective of setting the course for the next ten years.

In 2018, we accomplished 123 projects for 50 charities from the Social & Welfare, Religious & Health, to the Arts & Heritage, Education, Sport and Others sectors. Of these, 21 are new client-charities. 57% of all projects we accomplished in 2018 are Internal Control Reviews which is our most sought-after service. We also saw an 8% increase from the previous year, in the number of Risk Assessment projects we undertook.

The Board in December 2018, undertook a deep dive review of where we had reached and how we might better serve client-charities with new operating environments and changing expectations. The Board was assisted by the analysis of the NUS Business School MBA students through a Board Strategy Review supervised by Professor Sheila Wang who subsequently joined our Board.

In our deliberations, the Board recognised the continued relevance of SSC’s core services, centred around reviews of internal controls, clarity of policy and process, risk identification, including personal data protection which we started back in 2014. We will give more emphasis to areas that assist management and contribute directly to good governance and transparency which is also the purview of the Board. Some examples are risk management and transparency in annual reports. Responding to feedback from clients, we also intend to give more attention to implementation of our recommendations, whenever our assistance, in this regard, is sought.

SSC has perennially wanted to do more for smaller charities who for reasons of resource constraints face challenges in meeting formal compliance requirements in governance. Consequently, we welcomed the opportunity presented by the Commissioner of Charities’ initiative to assist smaller charities elevate their level governance. We are running a pilot programme for 20 smaller charities, at no cost to them, to assist them develop sound and implementable processes.

Our Professional Volunteerism Programme since its inception has yielded positive effect on the community. In 2018, 40 volunteers contributed 461 man-days towards the successful fulfilment of governance projects. Viewed as a potential way of strengthening our bench and volunteer base, SSC will soon be embarking on an Experienced Volunteer Framework (EVF) programme. The EVF aims to recruit highly qualified professionals who can work independently and through their experience and knowhow enrich the community we serve.

Chairman and members of the Board wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Damian Hong Chin Fock, who stepped down on 30 September 2018, after seven years of dedicated service to the Board, from his dual position of Treasurer and Board Member. Damian was also a member of the Human Resource and Professional Development Committee. Taking over from him as Treasurer, is Eric Lim, another Board member. SSC also saw the departure of Chris Ong, Chief Executive Officer, on 26 November 2018. Yeo Lian Sim, our current Board Director, now heads management as Executive Director from 1 January 2019.

As stewards of SSC, the Board continues to shoulder its responsibilities setting policy and overseeing management. In this respect we have retained our policy of heavily subsidising the price of governance service despite the effects on our bottom line. Our client-charities value our contribution and appreciate the service we bring to them. We believe that our small contribution, has significantly impacted on the robustness of their governance, enabling them to extend their horizons as far as they wish. For our part, SSC was conferred, for the third year running, the Charity Transparency Award by the Charity Council.

We wish to express our profound appreciation to Prof Sheila S.Y. Wang, Academic Director, MBA Management Practicum, National University of Singapore and her team of four MBA candidates, who facilitated our Board Strategic Review. To our staff, committee members, partner organisations, government agencies, volunteers, interns and donors, who have generously donated their time, resources and expertise to our cause. We are grateful to the Singapore Exchange and BINJAItree Foundation, for their invaluable support since our inception. 2019, is our tenth anniversary year. While we shall mark the occasion with certain exceptional celebratory events, SSC shall remain steadfast, over the next ten years, in our mission to assist charities manage their key risks while enhancing their governance and organisational excellence.

Chairman & Board of Directors 

Gan Seow Ann
Board Chairman & Fund-Raising Committee Chairman

Kaka Singh S/O Dalip Singh
Audit Committee Chairman

Yeo Lian Sim
Human Resource & Professional Development Committee Chairman

Yeoh Oon Jin
Programmes & Services Committee Chairman

Chan Pengee Adrian
Volunteer Promotion & Management Committee Chairman

Robert Chew
Fund-Raising Committee Member

Eric Lim
Volunteer Promotion & Management Committee Member

Yap Su-Yin
Fund-Raising Committee Member

Loh Uantchern
Programmes & Services Committee Member

Shariq Barmaky
Audit Committee

Sheila Shing-Yung Wang
Human Resource and Professional Development Committee