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Statement From The Board


Shared Services for Charities (SSC), was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Charities Act on 2 July 2009.  Its mission is to “provide shared services to charities for better governance and organisational excellence, and to provide strategic partnership and professional volunteerism for non-profit capability building”. To better serve the charities sector nationally, SSC obtained Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status on 10 July 2009.  SSC won the prestigious Charity Transparency Awards 2016, organised by the Charity Council.

Forging strategic partnerships is key to building our capability to promote good governance in the charities sector. SSC nurtured strong institutional ties with the National Council of Social Services and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), in order to extend our reach to charities.  SSC expanded its auditing capacity by extending the Memoranda of Understanding with 8 of the major accounting firms to solidify its Professional Volunteerism Programme.  This enables us to undertake more projects and provide subsidised services to our clients.  In FY2016, SSC completed 156 projects, serving 31 client-charities from the Social & Welfare, Religious, and Health sectors to Arts & Heritage sector.  To date, SSC has served 114 charities and completed 750 projects. The total number of professional volunteer hours clocked in support of these projects amounted to 380 volunteer effective man-days.

SSC will be introducing a number of initiatives to enhance service levels to retain and widen our charity client base. The website will be revamped to raise its engagement level with the community through relevant content, including articles on useful topics like risk management and whistle-blowing. In addition, SSC will be sharing its experience with the charities sector in internal controls.  We will be reviewing our activities and programmes to cater to evolving client needs.  Our corporate collaterals will better reflect SSC’s interest in being of continuing relevance to our client charities as they themselves progress in their service to society. We intend to build a strong presence in the charities sector, essential to our mission of helping charities in their quest for good governance and transparency.  In this regard, SSC intends to refocus on various activities such as seminars, awareness talks and outreach programmes on the importance of embracing strong governance.  We wish to reach out to more organizations, including small and mid-sized charities, to help engender trust with their stakeholders and to succeed in their charitable activities.

Equally important is our own journey to improve the quality of our services and programmes.  SSC will continue to invest in our staff training and development to enhance the team’s productivity and effectiveness. To improve our people practices, we have also embarked on a Social Services People Practices consultation project, through the National Council of Social Services, to help develop capabilities for the social services sector.

During the year, Lilian Tay retired as Chief Executive Officer on 28 February 2017.  The Board thanks Lilian for her unstinting service for the past 5 years. . She worked to deliver professional and effective programmes to the charities served by SSC and also to raise the awareness of governance and risk in the community. The Board extends its warmest welcome to Chris Ong, who assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer on 1 March 2017.  Adding bench strength to the management team, SSC also recruited Maurice A. Phillips as its Outreach Manager on 1 December 2016.

Lastly, we wish to acknowledge and express our appreciation to our staff, committee members, partner organizations, government agencies, volunteers and donors who have unflinchingly devoted their time, resources and expertise to our cause.  We are also grateful to the Singapore Exchange and BinjaiTree Foundation for their invaluable support. We look forward to an exciting year ahead as we build on our firm foundation to help the charity sector achieve its goal of successfully serving the community.