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Volunteers personify an indispensable cog in our client engagement process. They contribute their time, professional expertise, and experience, without compensation, or expectation of compensation, beyond reimbursement for all out of pocket expenses.

SSC’s volunteer programme, being skills-based, allow our volunteers to use their abilities, qualifications and experience, to benefit the charities who are in need of the services we provide. Hence, where permissible, we do strive to satisfy the personal preferences of our volunteers, by matching them with the assignment of their choice.

Relying on our structured volunteer nurturing framework, we orientate and induct our volunteers to the charity landscape, the project they are assigned to, the team they shall be working with; and the processes and tools, they require during the tenure of their assignment.

Our holistic on-boarding methodology, includes a comprehensive and informative induction phase, which comes with an assignment toolkit, to facilitate a seamless transition of our volunteers into the fieldwork environment they are expected to operate in.

Finally, as a form of an incentive, SSC has a Volunteer Appreciation Programme. This programme recognises the incomparable work done by our volunteers.

We would like to hear from you, should you wish to be part of our Volunteer team.